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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Major League Baseball 2K7 - PS3 Game Cheats

Major League Baseball 2K7 - Playstation3 Game Cheats

All extras
Playstation Game Cheat - Enter Game On as a case-sensitive code.
All bonuses
Playstation Game Cheat - Enter Derek Jeter as a case-sensitive code to unlock all jerseys, dream players, stadiums, team logo baseballs, etc.
All cheats
Playstation Game Cheat - Enter Black Sox as a case-sensitive code.

Mickey Mantle card
Playstation Game Cheat - Enter themick as a case-sensitive code. Mickey Mantle will now be available as a free agent.

Pinch Hit Mick card
Playstation Game Cheat - Enter phmantle as a case-sensitive code. Mickey Mantle will now be available as a pinch hitter.
Big Blast card
Playstation Game Cheat - Enter m4murder as a case-sensitive code. Your chance of hitting a home run will be increased for one game.

Triple Crown card
Playstation Game Cheat - Enter triplecrown as a case-sensitive code. This increases the chance of the hit by the third, fourth, and fifth hitters in the lineup by 50% for one game.
Mighty Mick card
Playstation Game Cheat - Enter mightymick as a case sensitive code.
Save money in Franchise mode
Playstation Game Cheat - Release a high paid player to free agency. Then, offer them a new contract. Their asking price may be lower than what you were already paying them. This could save your team millions of dollars. Sometimes your players will demand more money after you release them -- make sure to save the before you attempt this.

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection PS3 Game Cheats

Tekken 5 - Dark Resurrection Playstation3 Game Cheat
Here are some PS3 Game Cheat for Tekken 5 - Dark Resurrection Playstation Game

Fight as Jinpachi Mishima
Playstation Game Cheat - Successfully complete Arcade mode to unlock Jinpachi Mishima. Select him with Square for his Dark Resurrection demon version, Triangle for his human version, or Circle + X for his Tekken 5 demon form.

Fight as Panda
Playstation Game Cheat - Select the bear by pressing Circle at the selection screen.

Fight as Yoshimitsu's alternate forms
Playstation Game Cheat - Choose Yoshimitsu at the selection screen with X or circle for normal form, Square for dark ninja form, or Triangle for purple skinned ninja form.

Tekken 5 stages - Successfully complete Arcade mode three times to unlock all stages from Tekken 5 in Versus mode.